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Swimming Pool Mosaics
If you've ever swum underwater with your eyes open, you know that the mosaic tiles on the pool bottom are important. They show you where you're going, so you don't cross over into the next lane or swim into the wall!
Swimming pool mosaic tiles can also be interesting and beautiful. Here is a fanciful design of a squid, with the mosaic tiles arranged in place at The Laurel Studios, in Seabrook and Rockport, TX.

After installation, the squid looks up amusingly from the bottom of the pool, surrounded by peaceful blue water.


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Button Mosaic
Who doesn't have a button box filled with odd leftover two-holed plastic thingies we use to keep our shirts closed and pants up? Some button collections are more extensive than others. And some button-collectors put their excess to good use by creating Button Mosaic art. Here's a subtle portrait of a dog by Kate Kessling:

 Kessling Dog    Series

The sock puppet character familiar from childhood is here interpreted as a button mosaic by CeCe Bell:

Sock Puppet Button Mosaic by CeCe Bell 

I don't know if fashion applique counts as mosaic art, but this button mosaic on a garment designed by Jeremy Scott, and featured on the hintmag.com blog, looks like mosaic for the body, in bold primary colors:

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Art Mosaic at Penn Station in New York City

Art Mosaic at Penn Station, NYC

Several years ago, New York City added a new entrance for commuters to access Penn Station from the corner of Seventh Avenue and 31st Street. The modern, light-suffused enclosure features glass windows on the sides and skylights above.

Inside is an escalator that conveys passengers down to the train station below.


The walls on two sides of the escalator contain a visual surprise: subtly colored mosaics depicting city scenes.

The eleven natural stone mosaic panels were created during 2007-2009 by mosaic artist Yakov Hanansen for a commission by NJ Transit. Hanansen's New York City based company, Unicorn Art Studio, has been designing and producing art mosaics for over 30 years.




Art Mosaic at Penn Station, NYC

This mosaic art is yet another example of the extraordinary range of mosaic patterns that decorate the walls of subway stations throughout New York City.

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Maison Auclair Shell Art Gallery

On a recent visit to Fifth Avenue South in Naples, FL, a friend and I came upon this very unusual shop. Intrigued by the shell-ornamented statue out front, we ventured inside.

Thinking it was an antique shop with a few items of shell art , we quickly realized that Maison Auclair is mostly a gallery of prodigious art mosaic , all created by Judith Auclair.  The pieces here are far from the hobby-art that fills seaside resorts. The variety of shells is astounding. In fact, according to the artist, "Only the very best specimen shells from around the world are used in our designs, giving endless possibilities of creations and colors."

No surface is safe from the imaginative applique of shells and sea creatures, such as the gorgeous pink scallops and giant starfish that grace this table lamp.

tags: art mosaic, shell art, shell mosaic, judith auclair, naples fl, maison auclair, mosaic art, mosaic artist

Rockwood Studios Mosaic Art

I first encountered Patricia Rockwood's inventive art mosaics while browsing at a favorite local Sarasota FL artisan crafts shop. In Sarasota, her work can now be seen at Parkland Art Gallery in Burns Square.

The components of this 8" square mirror are so different: in scale, texture, shape and color--from glass to metal to pearls! Yet Rockwood coheres them into a delightful jazzy composition that works and delights.

Patricia Rockwood, 
 mosaic mirror

Red Frame, by Patricia Rockwood, 8 x 8"

This fish-out-of-water had found a "tank" to play in, a jewelry case full of necklaces, pins, and earrings. What do you think of this imaginative way to use all those pesky pennies we end up with in the bottom of our purses?

Patricia Rockwood, 
 'Penny Fishy', mixed media sculpture

PennyFishy, by Patricia Rockwood, 16" x 5" x 7"


Here are candleholders with an architectural nod to the Roman arch.

Patricia Rockwood, 
 'Blue Mirror', mosaic candle holders

Blue Mirror, by Patricia Rockwood, approx. 11" and 13" high


Seeing these diverse products got me curious, so I went to the Rockwood Studios Web site, where even more categories dazzle. For instance, garden decor:

Patricia Rockwood, 'Yellow and Green Birdbath' hspace=

Yellow and Green Birdbath, by Patricia Rockwood


floor inserts:

Black Leopard, by Patricia Rockwood, 25 sq. ft



Tea for Two, by Patricia Rockwood, 20" x 18" x 16"

wall art:

Patricia Rockwood, 'Cuban Longnose', mosaic wall art

Cuban Longnose, by Patricia Rockwood, 18 x 10"


window cornices:

Patricia Rockwood, 
 mosaic window cornice

Cornice #2, by Patricia Rockwood, 10 ft x 18" h


and sculptures:

  Rockwood,  'Quetzal  Splendiferous',  mosaic  sculpture

Quetzal Splendiferous, by Patricia Rockwood, 11" x 22" x 6"


Patricia Rockwood has a fine arts degree from the College of Wooster. A few years ago, "an unexpected gift of mounds of scrap tile inspired a new interest in mosaic work," she explains. "I enjoy creating one-of-a-kind pieces in this beautiful medium, which can be as colorful as paint and as textural as sculpture."

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 Bottlecap Mosaics

It's inspiring to see how creativity can transform a throwaway item into beautiful, complex art. So it is with the mosaic subgenre called Bottlecap Mosaics . Here's an example of the work of Molly B. Right. This one is called Medusa III. The mosaic is applied over a painting on a piece of sheet metal. Note that these pieces are very large. Medusa III is 45" x 57".

Medusa III, copyright Molly B. Right
Medusa III, by Molly B. Right, 45" x 57"

tags: art mosaic, molly b. right, medusa III, bottlecap mosaics, mosaic art, mosaic artist

Gaudi Mosaics
Maybe if he hadn't chosen architecture, Antonio Gaudi might have been a phenomenal cake decorator. This bizarre mosaic roof at Guell Park (Parc Guell), in Barcelona, Catalonia (Cataluna), Spain, looks like a gingerbread house that ran away with the icing spatula!

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Bizarre Gaudi's Mosaics Roof, Guell Park
Marco Simoni

24x18 Photograph...
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tags: antonio gaudi, parc guell, mosaic, architecture, mosaics, mosaic art, mosaic artist

Pebble Mosaics

This "rug" invites you to walk barefoot on its pebbly surface. Designed after the feeling of a Persian rug, this pebble mosaic  was created by Jeffrey Bale for an article in FineGardening.com. After years of collecting pebbles, he decided to learn how to create mosaic art with them. He sets them in mortar once he's satisfied with the design.

mosaic copyright Jeffrey Bale, from article in FineGardening.com
Pebble mosaic "rug" by Jeffrey Bale for FineGardening.com

There are some other intriguing designs in pebble mosaics on the Studio G blog, including "Reviving the Ancient Art of Pebble Mosaics".

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