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"Smart Marketing Tools for Architects, Designers, and Allied Professionals"

Designers Market-Link is your source for friendly, usable, and effective approaches to marketing your professional services and publicizing your projects. If you've landed on this page, you probably realize by now that "hanging out your shingle" is no longer an effective way to bring in enough quality work to support you, your office, your family, and whatever time you have left for enjoying life.

You also know how important it is to educate your clients about the design, engineering, and construction process so they'll make wise decisions and be happy with the houses, offices, stores, restaurants, factories, hotels, resorts, etc. you create for them.

In a similar vein, as a marketing consultant, I want you to be educated about the marketing and publicity process. Since I'm fairly certain you didn't learn this stuff in design school, here's your chance to catch up so you can take active control of your firm's business development.

  • Reading for Ideas - Tune up your marketing savvy by reading books and magazine articles about how to target clients and markets, how to devise a marketing strategy, how to stay in touch with prospective clients, how to avoid making cold calls by warming up people to your message before you phone them, and how to get the most impact from your marketing and publicity dollars.

Blueprint for Marketing , Susan E. Frost, SEF Consulting, Inc., 1995

The I Hate Selling Book, Allan S. Boress, American Management Assoc., 1995

Guerilla Marketing, Jay Conrad Levinson, Houghton Mifflin, 1984

Guerilla Marketing Excellence, Jay Conrad Levinson, Houghton Mifflin, 1993

Guerilla Marketing Weapons, Jay Conrad Levinson, Plume/Penguin, 1990

Guerilla P.R., Michael Levine, Harper Business, 1993

Direct Marketing Success, Freeman F. Gosden, Jr., John Wiley & Sons, 1985

Marketing for Design Firms in the 1990s, Roger L. Pickar, AIA Press, 1995

Home Office Computing magazine

Success magazine

The New York Times Business Section

Design + Enterprise: Seeking a New Reality in Architecture, James P. Cramer, AIA Press, 1994.

The Internet Business Guide, Rosalind Resnick and Dave Taylor, SAMS Publishing, 1994

Marketing on the Internet, Jill H. Ellsworth and Matthew V. Ellsworth, John Wiley & Sons, 1995.

Susan Bilenker is a marketing and publicity consultant. She specializes in strategic thinking and implementation for architecture and design firms, working directly with the principals to identify and open up new markets for their services. Involved with the Internet since 1995, she publishes several informational Web sites, including DesignSite and Rivertowns Online.

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